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METAFEX is like a gift bag for your brand. We take your ideas and visions and turn them into something that's better than you ever imagined. Our expertise ranges from brand development to design to Marketing strategies that really work.

But what makes us so special? Well, we believe that creativity and fun go hand in hand. That's why we always have a smile on our face and a good dose of humor in our pockets. Disguised as a cookie seller for promote a cookie company? No problem, we'll dig out the small change. Do you want to market your toothpaste in a funny way? We'll start immediately with the animation of a tooth-brushing crocodile!

But don't worry, with all our fun, we never lose sight of the most important thing: your brand. We take them seriously and work hard to make them shine. We are like family to our customers - we support, inspire and motivate them. Because at the end of the day, it's all about creating great things together.

So, if you are looking for a brand agency that will make your brand shine, then you have come to the right place. We are METAFEX and we look forward to working with you!

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We make your branding so hot that even your competitors will be jealous!

METAFEX Brand Agentur

Brand Development

The first impression counts. We help you to find your unique identity and to communicate it visually. We bring your values, personality and goals into a clear design that appeals to your customers and strengthens your brand. Because brand development is like building a house: you need a strong foundation, solid design and good workmanship. And just like a house, we make it so it won't blow away in high winds - unless of course we develop a hang gliding brand!

Graphic Design

A new fancy logo? A fresh brand image with a coherent corporate design? An impressive image brochure? Or just a flyer? No problem, we love to nudge pixels and scale vectors to the max. Because our graphic designers are like magicians - they take a blank sheet of paper and turn it into a stunning creation. And just like magicians, viewers don't wonder how it was done, just marvel and say "Wow!" - or maybe "Abracadabra!"

METAFEX Brand Agentur
METAFEX Brand Agentur

Web Development

A modern and user-friendly website lets you stroll through the digital world with pride. Whether it's a hip one-pager, a sales-boosting landing page, an extensive company website or a complex backend system – we get every project rolling with the right code. Because when it comes to web development, you know that every click, every scroll and every refresh has to be faster than the last time - otherwise the customer will be gone faster than you can say "CSS".

UX/UI Design

UX/UI design is more than just pretty images and bright colors. We have internalized the importance of UX design and we will help you create an attractive website that not only looks great but is also functional and will delight your customers. Why do our UX/UI designers have the best ideas? Because they always have an eye for detail - even when it comes to the smallest button or text. They're like design superheroes, always ready to save an interface and make it more intuitive than a unicorn on roller skates.

METAFEX Brand Agentur
METAFEX Brand Agentur

Animation // Motion Graphics // Video

Movement, movement, movement! Nothing works in the digital world without jumping pixels and expanding vectors. Our motion designers frantically nudge pixels around the screen and can turn any idea into a smooth and amazing animation. They are like the directors of design, choreographing every move to draw the audience in and take them on a journey. Because when it comes to animation, they know that every frame, every movement and every effect has to be perfect in order for viewers to remain mesmerized. That’s how you make for smart videos – no eye or slipper stays dry.

(Product) Photography

Who doesn't know her - the smiling blonde woman from an image portal. In order to stand out from this gray mass of stock photography, we put products and people in the best light with professional photographs. We believe that photos are more than just images - they are works of art that let your personality, your business or your brand shine. We have the ability to play with light and shadow, find the perfect perspective and capture the mood you are looking for. Whether corporate editing, wedding photography or the next picture for grandma's wall - our pictures say more than a hundred thousand words.

METAFEX Brand Agentur
METAFEX Brand Agentur

SEO, Content & Link Building

You need visibility, baby! Navigate the jungle of the internet with ease - thanks to our SEO service! We're the guys who know how the game works and how to win. We analyze, optimize, create killer content and build links to take your brand to the next level and increase your authority on the web. Whether infographics or texts - we know how to make your ranking glow!

Our team

Inspiringly charming, sincerely eloquent and unabashedly lovable - these are the pretty heads of METAFEX.

Social Media Managerin


graphic designer

Starts on 1.7.23

web developer / tech lead


graphic designer


Graphic & UX Designer

Starts on 1.7.23

Social Media Managerin / Copy Writerin


Creative Director / 'il capo'


graphic designer / photographer


web developer


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Let's talk about you and your brand over a coffee - but also about God and the world. Not only are we experts in our business, we're also ready to talk about anything else that moves you - be it yours Passion for pizza, your favorite sport or just the weather.

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We have been working with Metafex for a long time. Kevin and his team have always positively surprised and inspired us from day one. I would particularly like to emphasize the speed with which the boys and girls work and their first-class ability to put themselves in our shoes. A short briefing is usually sufficient for the best results in the shortest possible time. Kevin is one of the most creative and dedicated minds I know. We will definitely continue to work with Metafex for years to come.

Dominik Jaworski 1337 UGC GmbH

Dominik Jaworski

Managing Director 1337 UGC GmbH
This agency is really awesome! We have been working with metafex as a design agency for over 6 years - the team has really had our backs in recent years.
Starting with the (further) development and implementation of our corporate design, including logo and web design (website, banner), through the design and procurement of print materials and merchandise in all formats (magazines, flyers, handbooks, beach flags, fabric banners, exhibition walls, roll-ups, clothing, shoes, cups, etc.) through to the conception, creation and implementation of animation and video content, metafex has helped us significantly in creating a uniform visual identity for our medium-sized company - with absolute top accessibility and implementation speed. With a creative mind and rolled-up sleeves, the team tackles every challenge, no matter how big, every ticket with sometimes sparse information and every correction loop creatively and highly motivated.
They are not only great designers but also reliable and dedicated partners. We are very grateful for the great cooperation and look forward to many more years together!

Dominik Jaworski 1337 UGC GmbH

Karolin Lang

Chief Marketing Officer Händlerbund

A stable corporate identity is a must for a brand. Nevertheless, modern adjustments are indispensable, especially for a technology company. The Metafex team has always supported us with creativity and freshness in this challenge.

Andreas Liefeith

Head of Corporate Communications procilon

Metafex is really doing a great job for us, I don't even know where to start. Not only are the results and designs outstanding, but the manner is outstanding! But best of all is the reliability and just-in-time delivery... Kevin, the owner of Metafex, saved us from a deadline disaster more than once and I'm really grateful for that! We always try to avoid it internally, but sometimes the briefing for the Friday submission doesn't come until Thursday at 4 p.m. But thanks to Metafex, the customer is still happy on Friday and we have follow-up orders on Monday. I don't wish Metafex for another spontaneous customer like us, but they definitely have our recommendation!

Daniel Herrmann

Daniel Herrmann

Managing Director

We are delighted with the results Metafex has given us. Very pleasant and professional cooperation. Just great!

Daniel Herrmann

Andreas Merz

arcanum AG


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