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Kopfsache & more, the crazy hair salon from Markranstädt, brings color to life and to your head! Not only hair is cut here, but real works of art are created. From rainbow colors to bright neon tones, the experts at Kopfsache & mehr are not afraid of unusual hairstyles and make every customer a real eye-catcher. But be careful: If you book an appointment with Kopfsache & mehr, you should not only bring a pinch of courage, but also a good dose of humor. Because with these hairdressers, it's not just about the perfect styling, but also about lots of fun and a good mood. So if you're ready to embark on the adventure of head stuff & more, you'll be rewarded with a unique look that draws everyone's attention!

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    seit 2015

Case Study Mind matter & more: Crazy in a good way!

Head thing & more - the name says it all! We have been accompanying the funky hairdressing salon on its way for many years and are continuously developing the brand. In addition to maintaining the website, this also includes the creation of flyers, posters and lots of merchandise items that bring the unique experience of Kopfsache & mehr to the customers' homes. With our support, the brand will continue to delight its customers and reach new heights.

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