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Objekt Plus GmbH is a company based in Leipzig that specializes in the brokerage and planning of real estate. The company offers its customers comprehensive advice and support for all questions relating to the construction, purchase, sale or rental of real estate. In doing so, Objekt plus GmbH attaches great importance to individual and transparent customer support.

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    Branding Print Digital
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    since 2019

Case Study Object Plus: This is where the pixel is

Whoop whoop - as a brand agency, we had the privilege of creating a brand new brand for a Leipzig architecture office and rocking it visually. We unleashed the creative power and designed a brand that embodies the unique vision of the office. With our cool aesthetic and persuasiveness, we were able to implement various print projects that took the brand to the next level. Our mission was to create ultra-stylish and compelling branding that would blow potential customers away. We are stoked on the result and can't wait to implement future projects with Objekt Plus.

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